Biotin Supplements: The Good, The Bad

For many years now, biotin has been considered a miracle supplement by many because our hair, skin, and nails derive immense benefits from it. It has many names, but scientifically it is known as vitamin B-7. Being a water-soluble vitamin, it is not stored in the body. Regardless, it is extremely important for our bodies. It is essential because it improves the body’s ability to extract energy from food and process carbs.

As we age, biotin deficiency symptoms may start to show. It is better to start taking biotin supplements beforehand to avoid hair loss and skin related issues as you grow older. Despite the fact that many people take biotin supplements around the world, they come with advantages and disadvantages. Many people are unaware of biotin side-effects and keep taking them only for its benefits. Sometimes people take biotin in excess to promote overall hair or nail growth, but it ends up backfiring.

Here are the benefits and side effects of taking biotin supplements.

Benefits of Biotin

Helps Maintain Balance in Cases of Biotin Deficiency

If your body starts showing any symptoms of biotin deficiency, it is best to start taking biotin supplements regularly. They will increase biotin levels in the body and ward off all the symptoms. There are many reasons for biotin deficiency, so it is important to take supplements or eat foods that will help restore your vitamin B7 levels.

Effective Hair Loss Supplement

Biotin supplements promotes hair growth and improves overall hair health. They have been known to do wonders for people suffering from hair loss or thin hair. Regularly taking biotin supplements can increase the growth rate of hair by almost twice, and they become much shinier and healthier as well.

Regulates Insulin Levels

Biotin regulates blood sugar levels and helps diabetic patients in many ways. They prevent nerve endings damage caused by diabetes and thus reducing pain as well. People who have type-2 diabetes should take biotin as it maintains levels of insulin and also decreases insulin resistance.

Beneficial For Nails

It strengthens nail cuticles and effectively decreases their brittleness. It also increases the thickness of nails thus preventing breakage and cracking. Since nails and hair both contain keratin, taking biotin supplements really proves effective for their growth and health.

Biotin for nails

They Are Highly Affordable

Many health and vitamin supplements tend to be very expensive and hard to get. Biotin, on the other hand, is really affordable and available everywhere. In safe levels, it does not have many side effects either. All these factors make biotin supplements great value for money. Everyone should try to incorporate them in their lives for healthier hair, skin, and nails along with many other health benefits.

Aid in Processing Energy And Food

Biotin helps our body process carbohydrates, fat and other components of food. It aids the body in extracting energy effectively. Biotin also proves helpful in transporting carbon dioxide from cells. Increased metabolism improves all body functions.

Improves Skin

Taking biotin has proven highly effective in fighting skin diseases like eczema. It also improves overall skin health, making it glow and look smoother. Regularly taking biotin increases resistance against all skin related problems.

Biotin Helps With Weight Loss

Biotin increases the metabolism rate of the body. Because of that, the body processes food faster and improves all functions. Another advantage of that is that the body tends to burn fat and calories at a higher rate. This will greatly help in losing weight. Increased metabolism would result in burning more calories during your workouts and therefore make you lose fat at a higher pace.

Boosts Immune System

Biotin promotes the production of certain chemicals that help cells heal faster. It also makes cells more resilient. What this mean is that the body is at a lower risk of developing diseases. Even if diseases develop, biotin may help eliminate it at a faster rate. The boost in the immune system increases resistance against many diseases.

Helps With Depression

There is not a lot of evidence to support this, but many psychologists believe that biotin supplements promote mental health and are highly effective in fighting mental illnesses such as depression.

Biotin Supplements and Side Effects

While biotin has so many benefits, it also has some side effects. Most of these occur as a result of taking too much biotin or taking it at irregular intervals. Consistency and amount should be maintained. Here are some side effects of biotin supplements:

May Cause Excessive Facial Hair

Although biotin is great for hair growth, it may cause excessive facial hair in some people. It is important to note that some people take biotin so they grow even more facial hair. If this is you, then I won’t consider this a side effect. If considered a side effect, then it’s a good side effect for those taking biotin to grow facial hair.

Can Cause Skin Problems

Taking biotin excessively, especially over 10000 MCG, can cause acne, rashes and other skin diseases. Biotin is good for the skin but only under controlled and reasonable dosages.

Biotin May Interact With Drugs

If you are taking other drugs, especially for cholesterol, you should consult with your doctor before taking biotin. Biotin may interact with antibiotics as well, thus reducing their effectiveness.

It May Lead To Allergies

Some people have been known to develop allergies as a result of biotin intake. This allergy can be from foods and drugs, but also from biotin itself. Therefore, biotin should be started in small doses to ensure that the body does not react to it. If you do feel allergic to it, then biotin supplements may not be the right option for you.

Biotin Affects Everyone Differently

Biotin has different effects on everyone. Some people may greatly benefit from it whereas others may develop allergies. Some would get healthier hair, skin, and nails, and it may cause acne and other nasty side effects on others.


Biotin is a great vitamin that has countless benefits. It is also great for hair, skin, and nails. If your body is exhibiting symptoms of biotin deficiency, it is advised to start taking biotin supplements. Since biotin is available in many foods we eat, the symptoms may be for something else. So be sure to get yourself checked before you start taking biotin supplement since it can be harmful if taken in excess.